Team Building Regatta

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Fun and exciting

team building activities 

Techniques for maximizing a sailboat's performance are remarkably similar to those required to maximize a company's performance

Successful sailing demands strong communication and co-operation, making it the ideal way to get your team working towards a common goal. 

Changes in the marketplace and pressure from competition likewise compare to the constant wind shifts and ever changing conditions that a crew working together must master on the water.

The keys to successful completion of a goal with all participants working closely together to accomplish said goal carries the same requirements whether in the board room, in the everyday work environment or aboard a vessel racing towards the next mark.

Sailing facilitates the strategic development process and enhances problem solving skills. Its performance depends on interaction between skipper and crew who must react to rapidly changing conditions as a team, which are the same essential team skills required in business.

Call or Email and let First Coast Charters tailor a customized team building event structured around your organization.

Not only is sailing a confidence builder, it's fun,  exciting, and the perfect team activity to sharpen leadership, teamwork, resilience, co-operation, tolerance, and communication skills:

  • Mission, focus as a team and pull out all the stops to obtain a common goal
  • Planning, know your function, actions, course and the goal
  • Empowerment, know what, when and how to execute
  • Trust, count on others to perform their assigned tasks
  • Adaptability, provide backup executing various crew duties

Successful teams are:

  • Focused, eye on the prize, mindful of the goal
  • Motivated, seamless execution of individual tasks combined into a singular successful effort
  • Empowered, providing the tools to succeed
  • Skilled, competent with mastery of their positions
  • Trusted, able to execute without error
  • Trustworthy, execute every time and on time

Depending on the ever changing winds and sea conditions (business environment) you can:

  • Steer the course that best serves your corporate mission and business goals
  • Select appropriate sails to meet weather and wind conditions
  • Trim or ease your sails to better your possibilities for success
  • Ballast technicians shift crew position to balance the boat
  • Ensure the crew remains versatile and flexible